Star Wars:  The Force Thieves

Star Wars: The Force Thieves revolves around two young boys who are swept up in a galactic adventure beyond the their wildest dreams: and that’s not really a good thing, as the brothers quickly learn as they are attacked by bounty hunters, sneak around aboard a Star Destroyer, dodge blaster bolts right and left, fly a star ship, and in an explosive finale duel a Sith Lord.

Brought to you by WarfelWorks Studios, this amazing film is bursting with incredible visual and special effects, including CGI lightsabers and laser bolts! A team of the best screen writers in the history of cinema was brought together to create one of the most complex- but easy to follow- plots film has ever seen! A team of the finest computer graphic experts, lighting engineers, screenwriters and actors make this a film worth seeing! Stay tuned for announcements and trailers!

See the film

The film is now out on YouTube.  To see it, click here, or navigate here:

The Visual Dictionary

The Force Thieves has its own companion guide, Star Wars: The Force Thieves Visual Dictionary!  This is an essential reference for the movie, providing plot detail, close-up images, and character backstory!  We guarantee that you will discover new things about the world of Star Wars: The Force Thieves.  To view the book, click the below image.  

Front Cover2.jpg

Image Gallery

Where are we now?

We are done!!  See the finished film here.


This is where we will post the trailers as they come out.

We now have three trailers out!

Trailer 1

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Trailer 2

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Trailer 3

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